The multi-bladed windmill pump is capable of working in a wide variety of configurations for an equally wide array of purposes. The windmill mechanism operates a low speed reciprocating pump. When used for pumping water, they are considered to be lifting machines as this is exactly what they do. The piston operated pump literally lifts water op the pipe until it is discharged from the system. The pumping elevation is limited only by economics. When the area of a pump cylinder is reduced by half, the pumping elevation is doubled and so on. The same is true in reverse. If the piston area is doubled and the pumping elevation cut in half, twice the volume of water can be pumped. As the pumping elevation becomes shorter the amount of water that can be moved increases significantly.
The basic pumping action of water pumping windmills can be configured in a variety of ways to provide useful service. As windmill pumps of large diameter allow large amounts of water to be lifted up small elevations, draining flooded lands or filling ponds and lakes can be accomplished as long as there is enough wind to provide the amount of water needed. The reciprocating motion is ideal for operating piston pumps, diaphragm pumps, or cylinders for compressing air. Virtually every type of reciprocating pump including heat pumps can be adapted to be operated by an Iron Man Windmill.
Iron Man Windmill Co. specializes in the production of high capacity windmill pumps of large size and pumps for special applications. We have worked for years to improve and refining this technology. Some of the more common windmill powered pumping configurations are described below.
Iron Man Agricultural Service Pumps are capable of pumping large amounts of water up limited elevations. These are the largest pumps available for use with water pumping windmills. Iron Man Agricultural Service Pumps provide a dependable solution for lifting up to 65,000 gallons (250 metric tons or cubic meters) per hour when the pumping elevation is small. Generally, they are used to lift water for flood irrigation or draining tile lines or flooded areas. These large pumps operate dependably for years and ask for little attention. They are very easy to maintain - much easier than electrical pumps. Special materials are used allowing for an exceptionally long life. All Iron Man Agricultural pump cylinders are lined with a heavy mirror polished Stainless Steel liner to provide for many years of dependable service. Iron Man irrigation pumps operate smoothly and feature a special valve mechanism that eliminates the problem of pounding and inefficient valve operation that has been a problem with large windmill pumps. Our Agricultural Service Pumps are available ready for installation with the proper well pipe, heavy duty pump rod, protective cover and all parts required for installation and use.
Iron Man Irrigation Pumps are capable of pumping large amounts of water up for use in filling ponds, reservoirs and lakes. The can be used to flood fields directly, but are usually used to fill and keep filled water storage for later use. The design is similar to the Iron Man Agricultural Service Pumps, but are usually used to lift water higher elevations. A variety of simply mounting methods are available based on our standard designs, or we are happy to provide a special mounting configuration to meet specific requirements. Top mounting and bottom mounting are the two common methods of supporting the pump. Iron Man Irrigation pumps have an easily removable valve assembly in the base of the pump cylinder making maintenance a simple matter. The lower valve assembly is easily removed by removing the piston and both come up together. All other features including ease of maintenance and operation characteristics are identical to our Agricultural Service Pumps.
Iron Man WindmillS are commonly used to pump from drilled wells of various depths to 1200ft (400M). Water can be pumped to elevations far above the top of the well by using an Iron Man pump rod seal. A variety of pumps are available for every application from shallow well to deep well service and for use with high pumping pressures. For our deepest pumping applications, we use a pump based closely on the design used in oil fields for pumping oil - a strong and capable design. Iron Man Windmill Co. produces the largest windmill pumps available. We produce high volume well pumps in any size needed. Our deep well pumps allow all serviceable parts to be easily removed. The piston can connect to the foot valve by lowering the pump rod till it makes contact with the foot valve. Then turn the pump rod till it is connected to the foot valve and then lift the pump rod to the surface with all serviceable parts attached. Service work is simple and much easier than having to remove the well pipe to access the pump, which is required when electrical pumps are used. With an Iron Man Heavy Duty Pump, there is no need to pull the well pipe.
Different types and sizes of pump rod are available and is selected depending on the type of service. Pump rods are available in galvanized solid steel with forged or straight threaded ends, hot galvanized airtight steel rods that reduce the pumping load as this type of rod is lighter and has a tendency to float and pultruded fiberglass rod with bonded galvanized steel or stainless steel threaded ends. Other options are available. Please contact us to discuss your needs.
Steel well pipe is available with ends threaded to any NP, ISO, BS, Z & ZG standards or welded flanges. All pipe ends are reamed to insure installation and removal of the pump piston and foot valve without damage to the seals. We hot galvanized all well pipe after all threading, welding and machine work is completed. The pipe is then checked for straightness. Excess zinc is removed from the threads with a special process that retains enough of the zinc coating to provide adequate protection but allows the threads to fit properly. Welded flanges are double welded - both on the outside and inside. The cost for welded flanges is the same as threaded well pipe and due to its ease of use, is recommended when the well diameter is of sufficient size to allow the use of flanges. All well pipe comes ready to use. Pipe with weld flanges comes with all flanges welded and pressure tested and comes with the necessary high strength forged alloy hot galvanized nuts, bolts and seals. Threaded pipe comes with the appropriate galvanized steel connectors. Well pipe is available in 3M or 6M lengths, as desired at slightly extra cost. We can provide your pump with all pipe, fittings, pump rod, pipe clamps, well seal, pump rod seal, stand pipe and all other parts need, pre fitted and ready to install.
This common application is similar to the application listed above. It is commonly used for applications where the water is being pumped to a destination below 4/5's the height of the tower. Higher pumping elevations require the use of an Iron Man pump rod seal.
Iron Man draw pumps provide a simple solution to the problem of pumping from rivers, lakes, tanks and any other source where it is not practical to locate the pump below water level and is necessary to draw the water up to the pump. works well as long as the total draw elevation is not over 20ft (7M), For best results, keep the draw lift as short as possible. Draw pipe must be well sealed and be free of air leaks. The use of an Iron Man foot valve is required and is provided with the pump.
A practical, if not commonly used method of pumping water from a variety of sources when it is not possible to use a well. The stone drain is usually dug with a backhoe or excavator, but can also be dug by hand with proper planing. The ditch is then filled with course gravel that provides a path for the water to flow to and surround a standard shallow well pump that is placed in a protective casing.
It is not always possible to locate a windmill directly over the well or pump. The Iron Man cable operated pumping system solves this problem by allowing the pump to be operated remotely from the windmill. These pumping systems operate efficiently and dependably providing many years of dependable heavy duty pumping service. The windmill and cable transmission can be located at an elevation higher or lower than the cable operated pump. Here we show the heavy duty Iron Man cable transmission used with the cable pumping system shown below.
The Iron Man heavy duty remote cable operated pump is the working end of the system. Virtually all types of windmill pumps can be operated remotely by this method. The water source can be of any type, including drilled well, large open dug well, reservoir, tank, spring liver, lake pond, stone drain and pipeline are amongst the many possibilities.
Pumps that can be operated by this system are: Shallow well, deep well, irrigation, special purpose, industrial pumps, sewage pumps etc. All types of pump rod seals and pressure chambers can be used. This is a versatile system requiring little maintenance. These systems are designed and built to order for specific applications.
A small cable operating system for use with the Iron Man Hand Pump. This system is made for use primarily with smaller windmills such as an 8ft or 10ft diameter windmill. These are specially built to order to suit the needs of a specific application. Can also be easily switched over for use with a hand lever. Hand pump and well should be within 100 ft of windmill.
Same as above, but with the addition of a powered pump jack. Can be easily switched over for operation by wind, hand, electric power or a small Iron Man water cooled single cylinder diesel engine. Hand pump and well should be within 100 ft of windmill.