Large Iron Man windmill pumps provide new capability and new opportunities for improving agriculture. This system in South Texas, Harlingen Irrigation District, receives heavy service in the regions strong winds. The pump is 36in (0.9M) in diameter and operates with a 20in (0.5M) stroke typically running at 17 strokes per minute, lifting 325 tons per hour.
Large Iron Man windmill pumps provide new capability and new opportunities for improving agriculture. This system on the Coon Family Farm (Oak Park Farm), Shedd, Oregon, is used for agricultural drainage, removing water from a tile line agricultural drainage system.
5000 head of cattle and horses get their water from two 8ft - 2.4M diameter Iron Man water pumping windmills on a 30,000 Hectare (75,000 acre) ranch in Kazakhstan.
20ft Iron Man Windmill used to fill two irrigation reservoirs. Pumping elevation to the lower reservoir is 20ft (6M). This windmill fills the lower reservoir in three days of medium level winds. Water overflows from the reservoir and can be seen traveling across the countryside irrigating fields. Water is lifted 40ft (12M) to the second reservoir by capping the lower outlet. A substantial amount of water is lost through leakage of the old cement and dirt ditch, yet the reservoir is still able to be filled.
The Iron Man Windmill in this video provides water for 1200 people in 500 homes in a farming village in Central China. The pumping elevation is 25M. The total cost is one third of a solar pumping system.
20ft Iron Man Windmill powering two windmill pumps, circulating water through a large real estate development. The smaller windmill water pump is 12in (0.3M) in diameter and lifts water 20ft (7M) from a lake to fill the system. The second windmill water pump is 28in (0.7M) in diameter and lifts water 7ft (2M) and can pump more than 200 tons (metric) of water per hour in strong winds.
High capacity Iron Man windmill water pump able to lift up to 215 tons (M) of water per hour 2M in elevation for a large aqua culture project in Jiangsu, China.
8ft diameter Iron Man water pumping windmill on a 39ft tower. New 8ft Iron Man Windmill with a 6in diameter pump lifting water 20ft. Notice the movement of leaves to see how light the winds are. The water seems to flow continuously due to the use of a stand pipe that tends to balance the flow. Fills a 9 ton (metric) tank in 5.5 hours of average light winds.
Three new 20ft diameter Iron Man Windmills on 53ft towers working 12" diameter pumps with a 20in stroke. These windmills lift water 40ft and pump it a distance of 650ft to two ponds and a canal for a large residential housing project. These windmills discharge their water through 10in diameter pipes into a pond that was empty 15 minutes earlier, shown above. The third windmill discharges into another pond, not shown.
Engineer Kareem has done an outstanding job of introducing Iron Man Water Pumping Windmills to farmers and villagers in Iraq. This 12ft diameter Iron Man Windmill is installed on a 39ft (12M) tower. Pump is 7in (180mm) in diameter with a working stroke of 12in (300mm). Pumping elevation is unknown.