Iron Man Windmill Co manufacturers quality products. We use quality materials and maintain high standards of design and workmanship. This is not sales hype, it's a fact. We are confident that when properly installed and maintained according to the instructions provided, Iron Man Windmills and Windmill pumps will provide good and satisfactory service. We produce the finest windmills and pumps available anywhere, both in quality and performance. Please read our simple, no nonsense warranty and Note below.
NOTE: Before purchasing any windmill, it is advisable to read the fine print on warranty's provided by other companies offering windmills for sale. Some offer long warranty periods but require shipping the "inoperative windmill back to the factory, freight prepaid" in order to exercise warranty rights. Some claim a long warranty life, but the long life claim does not apply to "windmill parts" which are limited to a much shorter term. According to such warranty, the long warranty period exists only if the windmill is returned to the factory, even if it needs only a small part, otherwise, the part warranty, having a much shorter term, applies. The Iron Man Windmill Warranty is a no hassle, straight forward commitment to our customers because that is the way we do business. We truly believe that we produce the highest quality windmill available, so we provide the best, straight forward, no nonsense warranty in the business. Our customers who have honored us with their trust deserve no less.